Dec. 31, 2015

DEC, 31, 2015


2 min jump rope
2 min squat stretch
6 front rack lunge
6 back rack lunge
1 min partner dead hang


5 min on 1 min off x 4rds
7 thrusters 75/45
14 back rack lunge steps
21 double unders


2x 1-6
Strict pull-ups / hs get ups on wall
100 med ball sit-ups 10/8

Dec. 30, 2015

open gym

-come in to work on movement grab a coach and learn or move around and get some extra conditioning done

Dec. 29, 2015


1 min jumping jacks
1 min plank hold

30 sec on 30 sec off x 3
mountain climbers

empty bar perform
10 deadlifts
6 hang cleans
2 shoulder to overhead

load weight as form allows or 135-155 men / 75-105 women


5 intervals of
21 cal row
12 deadlifts
9 hang cleans
6 shoulder to overhead

*rest as rower opens up


4 x
1 min dead hang
15 ghd situps
25 supermans


Dec. 28, 2015


1 min jumping jacks
5 min every 30 sec. 10 squats
1 min plank to pushups


22 min amrap of:
5 pullups
10 push ups
1. 15 kb swings
2. 15 goblet squats
3. 15 lunge steps (optional BW or KB)

*every round you switch exercise on the reps of 15


2 min plank hold
20 hollow rocs
10 hs get ups on wall___ hold 10 sec on the last rep

Dec. 26, 2015

*get moving again -if possible before this workout accumulate 5 min. in a dead hang position or if not able to hang can always work a plank hold also.


20 min amrap of

5 pushups

10 lunge steps

15 air squats

*as soon as workout is done rest 1 min. then spend the next 10 min in a squat stretch.  This will relieve hips and knees from all the sitting over the Holidays.

Dec. 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Wod

This workout will not take long.  All you need is space and a running clock.

Death by Burpees

-on a running clock you will do burpees on the minute until you cannot complete the number of reps in the same minute

-example min. 1 do 1 burpee.  min. 2 do 2 burpees……..continue until you cannot complete within the min. then workout is over

Dec. 22, 2015


Good chance to come in and do extra conditioning or get with a coach to learn or perfect another movement!

Dec. 22, 2015


1 min jumping jacks

1 min PVC Passover

Empty bar go over power snatch

5 reps from hip #1

5 reps from below the knee #2

5 reps from shin #3

-Load weight as form allows and set ball

Gym and comp. metcon#2

7 rds of:

7 shoulder to overhead 95/65

7 power snatches

14 wall ball shots 20/14



20 ghd situps

30 supermans

1 min. side/side plank hold

Dec. 21, 2015


400 m run
100 ft each
high knees
butt kicks
side shuffle
1 min partner dead hang
2 min squat stretch


3 rounds of
400m run or (500 m row) am or late pm group
25 toe to bar
50 kb swings


10 strict pullups
10 hs get up to hold for 1 sec.

Dec. 19, 2015

12th Day of Christmas-Pullups

400 M RUN
spend 10-15 min setting up station, warming up, and find a group of 2-4 people if you want  can work off same bars (men weight/ women weight
-ok to go solo

Merry Christmas metcon

12 pull-ups or muscle ups (ring or bar)
11 box jumps 24//20
10 lunge steps
9 situps
8 wall ball shots 14//20
7 slam balls (red ball doesn’t matter weight no heavy d ball)
6 pushups
5 deadlifts 135//85-95
4 air squats
3 cleans 135//85-95
2 burpee over bar
1 clean n jerk 135//85-95

-scale weight as needed or as form allows
-muscle ups on the bar or rings
-scale for pull-ups will be band or jumping pullups
-box jumps can step down and step up

3 ways to do this workout
1. in a group of 2-4 people per bar
2. competitor style (LONG VERSION)
3. solo

1- start with 1 clean n jerk and then wait for other members to complete 1 clean n jerk……. then you move to 2 burpees and wait for all other members to do 2 burpees….. then you do 1 clean n jerk and wait for each member to perform 1 clean n jerk.  You will finish with this pattern until you go all the way up to 12 pull ups then as a group always moving down the list.  THIS IS THE FASTEST WAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THE LONG VERSION.

2-LONG VERSION : everyone will start 1 clean n jerk then person that started will do 2 burpees 1 clean n jerk then partner(s) follow in the same fashion.  Then 3 cleans 2 burpees 1 clean n jerk then partner goes…. so partner doesn’t go until person working goes all the way down the list and clean n jerk will be the trigger to start the next person.

3-SOLO do like the song and always working back to clean n jerk…. 1 clean n jerk then 2 burpees 1 clean n jerk then 3-2-1….last set will be 12-11-10-9-8-7…….1 clean n jerk